Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Descriptions

 "Zombie Housewives of the 1960s" 
The second in the second in the Zombie Housewives series. This book introduces two new housewives, Blossom and Colleen, and a new decade--the 1960s! The government sprayed marijuana crops with Paraquat and the pot plants grew invincible. The hippies that smoked it, became invincible too, as well as having munchies for flesh and blood! This urban fantasy, dark satire takes on the 1960s decade and all its politics and social issues within a zombie context. This is available on Amazon in color collectible version, black and white and Kindle versions.

"Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" 
The toxic bomb apocalypse of the 1950s didn't stop Stella and Liz. These housewives reanimated and continued their days as usual, only with a hunger for living flesh. Stella, the perfect housewife, continued her housekeeping in her zombie state and Liz, the drunken, slutty divorcee housewife, stirred up a Bloody Mary and fell into her usual stupor. This photo and resource book for all things zombie is a fun and playful look at the zombie-like existence of housewives through the ages and incorporates housewife tips and recipes, showcasing zombie artisans and listing lots of zombie resources for all those readers who love zombie-everything! FULL COLOR PRINT BOOK

"Was That a Ghost?"
You see a dark shadow in your bedroom, hear a voice whispering in your ear, get a sudden chill with goosebumps and wonder, was that a ghost? As she does on her popular blog, “Ghost Hunting Theories,” Sharon Day will take you through quizzes, descriptions and real-life examples to help you understand your experience. She will introduce you to her technique; the “Trinity of Relevance” to learn if you had a haunting encounter or not. When you are done with Was That a Ghost?, you will not only know if you have encountered the world of the paranormal, but you will also have skills and knowledge you can apply to future events. It is the goal of this book to give the reader life skills that enhance understanding of the paranormal. Hers is a very unique perspective and your mind will forever be opened to the possibilities after reading this book.

"Blogging Changed My Life"
Do you want to know how blogging changes every facet of your life and how to be a better blogger? This book is the 3-year process Sharon Day (aka Autumnforest) went through as she grew her blog “Ghost Hunting Theories” and the confidence building that changed her personal and professional life in dramatic ways. You get to experience how she went from an unfulfilled insecure housewife to a confident single woman author, living a life she only dreamed of. As well, she shares tips on how to blog and build your “tribe.” It's about personal challenges, developing rewarding relationships, promoting a creative outlet, and being comfortable in one's own skin. Blogging really does change your life by helping you own your individuality. You will never be the same again - and that's a happy promise.

"Josiah: Undead Cowboy"
How did the cowboy get to this point? One day Josiah was an anonymous cowpoke in a gold rush town, the next day he was undead. Was there anyway he could end his eternity in the Arizona desert? The answers were deep inside an abandoned gold mine where the Spirit of the Gold and his ghoulish minions resided. As the self-proclaimed guardian of the ghost town filled with ghosts, Josiah walks the line between dead and alive. When the cowboy tries to protect a woman from the ghouls, it becomes apparent that she might have more to fear from him. This 25,000 word, 7-chapter novella is the first in a series of western twists on horror classic themes, a series entitled “Midnight Arroyo.”

"Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology"
Got time for a short story? These short stories are timed! This 47,000 word book is an anthology of 16 short stories covering subjects from vampires to werewolves, clowns to gnomes, zombies to scarecrows, and so much more. Sharon Day takes the reader into some dark places the mind doesn't like to probe, some situations that are highly uncomfortable, and outcomes that were unexpected. Her love of atmosphere and mood and the desire to probe at the things we most fear has this writer satisfying your desire for dark tales. Each story starts with a short description, the word count and approximate reading time so that the reader can decide if there's time for a story while out and about or curling up in the evening before bedtime. As well, the author added bonus short stories telling real life tales of her experiences being in places alone where no one wants to be alone in the dark.

"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)"
Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) offers a new perspective on abandoned sites, as a psychic and a photographer explore 12 forgotten locales in the Sonoran Desert. Sharon Day utilizes her psychic skills to read objects at each site, while Julie Ferguson photographs the accompanying stark compositions. Together, the images and stories from the past bring life to these now-dead locations. If you've ever wondered about an old run down building and what it was like in its heyday, ever wanted to see inside a psychic's visions, ever wanted to wander the remote desert, then this book is for you.

Kickin' Up Dust! Getting Lost To Find Ourselves This book chronicles the lives on Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson, two paranormal bloggers who met at a tough time in both their lives. Facing middle-aged dilemmas, hard times and rough decisions,they sought the open road to uncover the mysteries of the paranormal world. In the process of getting away from their problems, the women went towards something even more precious—their genuine selves. Each chapter of this book begins with the authors' goals heading off on road trip adventures, sharing both their points of view during their sojourns, and ends with all the unexpected outcomes. It's those unexpected outcomes that lead toward the woman's metamorphoses and their success. They hit the road to get lost and serendipitously found themselves. Join their ghost hunts, urban explorations, and the process of living up to one's potential. You might just start using their favorite phrase, “you just never know.”

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