Friday, June 29, 2012

Erotica Line on Kindle

I have started publishing erotica on Kindle under the penname Anna Melissa.

There are 7 separate erotica stories and then the collection. If you just want one story, they are 0.99 each and for the collection, it's just 2.99.

These naughty erotica stories are explicit and arousing, involving sex with a ghost, mermaid, werewolf, vampire, clown, shapeshifter and in a cemetery. Take your pick, or pick them all in "Philia: Sex In Dark Places" collection.

Philia: Sex in Dark Places (collection for 2.99)
Spectrophilia (Love of Ghosts) 0.99
Mermaidophilia (Love of Mermaids) 0.99
Lycanthrophillia (Love of Wolves) 0.99
Sanguivoriphilia (Love of Vampires) 0.99
Coulrophilia (Love of Clowns) 0.99
Limmikenophilia (Love of Shapeshifters) 0.99
Taphophilia (Love of Cemeteries) 0.99

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